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Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators T.Valiyeva “Punishment” – “Cəza” (single-person psychological game) Performer - Kamala Huseynova Honored Artist of Azerbaijan Republic Acting director - Mehriban Alakbarzada Honored Art Figure of Azerbaijan Republic Stage technician - İsa Asadov Stage designer - Mushvig Aliyev Music and sound designer - Agasalim Feyzullayev Light designer - Vadim Kuskov Performance period - 1 h. 20 min. Annotation of performance: The greatest punishment is the self-punishment. A woman loves another man in her most mature and most responsible period... She loves mercilessly, hopelessly and hopes to the new beginning. She forgot her children, her husband, her house, and her responsibility... She forgot everything. Because of her love. The disaster begins when the person starts to live desired life. The hope is a key for tomorrow. However the hope is as well as the shade of deah. The tragedy starts when the hope ends. Because... Children took away from mother... mother like the fruitless tree. There is only one way – suicide. But the suicide is an acceptable. Everyday suicide during 15 years. P.S. Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators -6people

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Punishment Punishment