Ночь в спальне Екатерины

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"Night in Catherine's Bedroom" based on the play by V. Ovsyannikov.
Director - Emin Mirabdullayev
Set Designer - Honored Worker of Culture of Azerbaijan Alexander Fedorov
Costume Designer - Honored Worker of Culture of Azerbaijan Olga Abbasova
Musical Arrangement - Honored Worker of Culture of Azerbaijan Vladimir Neverov
The following are involved in the play:
People's Artist of Azerbaijan Lyudmila Dukhovnaya
Theater artists:
Egana Huseynli, Yaroslav Trifonov, Elshad Murtuzayev, Ilkin Mehtiyev, Ruslan Pavlov, Johar Abdullaev, Rashad Aliyev
The play "Night in Catherine's Bedroom" tells the story of a girl who finds herself in a complex situation due to her father's serious illness and is forced to seek a way out through means far from ethical morals. Under the pressure of these circumstances, Dasha is forced to agree to various indecencies suggested by her former classmate. Wealthy magnate Artem, in his zeal to avenge Dasha for her once scorned pride, perverts in his desire to humiliate and destroy her. Artem's sick, delusional fantasy, bordering on madness, allows him to easily break people's destinies without remorse, without thinking about the consequences. It seems that there is no way out, but fortunately, as often happens in life, the world is not without kind people, and sometimes fate throws surprises at us in seemingly hopeless situations.
Duration of the performance:
Act 1 - 70 minutes
Act 2 - 60 minutes

Age restrictions / Language

16+ / Русский
Ночь в спальне Екатерины Ночь в спальне Екатерины

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