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19:00 - 20:30

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"Pride and Prejudice"

Age limit: 6+

Author: Jane Austen

Genre: Drama

Language: Russian

Duration: 1 act - 50 minutes

                     2 act- 55 minutes

Moviemaker: Ilgar Safat
Art Director: Nikita Sazonov

Musical arrangement: Ilgar Safat

It would seem that the simple story told by the English writer Jane Austen is just a female novel! But, as it turned out, the topic, questions and problems that are raised in the novel are very modern, close and understandable throughout the world. Including us. Therefore, the intrigue of the relationship of young heroes who are tested by pride and prejudice ultimately translates into a feeling of sincere love, respect and gratitude. But before they reach that agreement, they will have to go through the difficult way of getting to know each other. And the best evidence of one’s own righteousness and noble dignity will not be words, but actions and deeds.

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