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Brief summary of Shikhali Gurbanov’s work “Without You”.

      The drama “Without You” was considered the most daring drama of its time in the work of Shikhali Gurbanov. This was the only work that showed the horror of the Gulag system and the consequences of this system within the socialist system.
      Shikhali Gurbanov’s drama “Without You” tells the story of Tarlan and Sevinj, people cut off from life and family by the notorious repressions of 1937. Tarlan is not the only one who lived through 18 years of difficult exile. Sevinj, who has been waiting for him for 18 years, experiences this oppression awaiting him. Even 18 years later, having received news of Tarlan's acquittal due to her innocence, she decides to go on a journey to find either herself or the grave of her husband, who was arrested on her wedding night and sent away. This proves that he does not want another life, another happiness, another family from Tarlan. Tarlan, who came again after 18 years to visit Sevinci, albeit from afar, on her wedding night, assuming that she is in a close relationship with Farhad, decides to leave quietly and without introducing himself, without interfering with her happiness. Before leaving, he decided to leave, giving Farhad the result of a geological study of Kichich Tepe, which he had carried with him for 18 years. Although this discovery brought Farhad fame throughout the republic, Farhad could not bear this secret.
      Although Sevinj, who never reciprocated Farhad's love, set out on a journey in the name of Tarlan, Farhad lost all his hopes, but Farhad tells Sevinj that he determined his identity during his meeting with Tarlan. He himself goes to the station to save Terlan. Through the joint efforts of Farhad and Maral, Sevinj meets Tarlan, and Tarlan meets Sevinj. All grievances, mistakes, and accusations do not happen at this meeting. In the end, justice will prevail. Happiness, like truth, does not sink, does not disappear, it is established again.

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