Due to an earthquake which hit the area on 25 September 1139, parts of the Kapaz Mount collapsed and blocked the path of the Kürəkçay River.

The resulting dam is Lake Goygol.

It is located on the territory of the Goy-Gol State Natural Reserve.

Goygol State Nature Reserve is the first reserve established in 1925 in Azerbaijan.

The forest landscape of Goygol and its surroundings is known all over the world for its natural wealth and charm.

Goygol State Nature Reserve is located in the Goygol region.

Its area is 6732 hectares.

The territory is home to 423 species of trees, shrubs and medicinal plants.

Caucasian deer in the vicinity. There are bears, wild boars, mountain goats, wolves, foxes, jackals, badgers, archers, wild cats, lynxes.