1) If you are a beginner collector, think about whether you owe it to yourself by contacting a charming extravagant debtor. Collector Mark comes to beat the debt to the malicious debtor Natalia. He can’t even imagine what difficulties he will have to face - Natalya has no money, but she does not mind teaching the life of Mark in the most extreme ways. Mark in her opinion is a terrible bore. and for bores there is only one cure - to shake their brains well, even with a frying pan on the head. The knocked out Mark is seeing - he really is too boring and lives wrong. But how to fix it, if the unloved bride doesn’t wait for the wedding, and the extravagant debtor got into debt in order to save her beloved and is ready to go to prison for him ?! A story that begins as a “business and nothing personal” suddenly turns into a love story.

    2) Having borrowed a large amount from the bank for her boyfriend, Natalya Savelyeva lives her life, not thinking that she will have to give this debt. The only thing that worries her is that there is no near her beloved Philip, who would certainly protect her from all misfortunes. But Philip didn’t rush something, and the time to pay debts sooner or later came. And on the threshold of Natalya’s apartment appears collector Mark Markov.

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From 6+ age
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19:00 - 22:00 - Sat, 23 Oct

Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Nizami Street 95, Baku, Azerbaijan
(+994 12) 493 31 88