Adventures of Goghal
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12:00 - 13:15

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"Adventures of Goghal" (Author of stage editorial Parvin Nuraliyeva) Age Limit: 3+ Author: Folk tales Acting director: Merited artist Nijat Kazımov Starring: Anar Seyfullayev, Ramil Mammadov, Zulfiyya Alhuseynova Genre: fairy tale and performance Duration of the performance: 1hour 10 min. Lonely old couple cook goghal in the forest. Gogal becomes a child they dreamed about. But it does not obey them and runs away from the house to find a wit. This makes him face such cunning beasts like Bear, Wolf, and Fox. Its savior becomesa little Rabbit. Hence, age does not give you good sense, and those who does not obey the elderly willface very difficult trials. This performance with beautiful idea prepared for children, also draws attention with colorful dresses, beautiful dances and sweet songs.

Adventures of Goghal Adventures of Goghal